Einstein Wrong

Einstein’s Relativity may be wrong because no direct tests in deep space have ever been done. The claim that “nothing can travel faster than light” may be true on Earth or some other massive body (like planets or stars), but no one has ever tried to accelerate in deep space – period. Thus, no one really knows. The theory of Relativity is just a theory in that respect.

Here you can find a new theory that doesn’t need Relativity (Galilean or Einstein’s), doesn’t need notions of mass, light and gravity. All it assumes is that whatever exists must possess information – that’s all. From this assumption, we derive Time Dilation, Gravity and notion of light. The equations are similar to Einstein’s when nearby massive bodies like Earth. In deep space though, faster than light travel is possible.

So in the meantime, no one is planning to test if Faster-Than-Light (FTL) travel is possible in deep space because everyone believes in Einstein. But the only way to prove Einstein wrong may be to actually try it. With scientific establishment liking status quo, don’t hold your breath for any progress in this regard any time soon.

But in the meantime, you can read why the scientific establishment is wrong, and why Einstein is wrong.

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